Here you will find tools to help you get started

Basic Excel Uncertainty Calculator - This is a basic one measurement uncertainty calculator. This will be the download to accompany the how to use excel to calculate a basic measurement uncertainty video.

Basic Excel Range Uncertainty Calculator - This basic tool is used to calculate a range uncertainty based on a simple y=mx+b regression. Simple use the contributions for a low and high point across a range to calculate a scope line style uncertainty.

PFA and Guard-Banding Calculator - This tool can be used to calculate your approximate PFA for a measurement based on the Test Uncertainty Ratio (TUR) and also provide at appropriate guard-band to meet the ANSI Z540.3 requirement of 2% PFA.

Tolerance Calculator - A simple tolerance calculator for a measurement. It uses and combination of the following inputs:

  • Percentage of reading
  • Percentage of Full Scale
  • Floor Specification
  • Resolution Counts