Since 1997, we have been actively involved in the world of calibration and measurement


Our Mission

We digest the standards and help you understand what is really going on, in everyday words, with simple explanations that get to the core of measurement and uncertainty or other sometimes complex topics. We want you to understand what is really happening when measurements are performed.

A key depth of knowledge that is missing in the calibration industry, at the end user level is, measurement uncertainty.
— John Smith, Some Magazine

What We Want For You

  • A deeper understanding of the quality of measurements
  • The ability to comply with the requirements of GUM uncertainty
  • A depth of knowledge the allows you to understand that not all measureing instruments are the same
  • The ability to understand specifications and instrument tolerances
  • The knowledge to read a 17025 scope of accreditation
  • The understanding of how to determine the best tool for a specific measurement